I personally wrote everyone of these passive income e-books. I use passive income so that I can be my own BOSS. Please keep in mind that I made sure I got a SMALL mortgage and a car lease . BEFORE I QUIT MY JOB. My mortgage is cheaper than rent.

Examples of Passive Income

  1. ATM Business – Make money off Surcharge fees
  2. Coding – You can code generators / apps etc.
  3. Vending Machines – Turn EVERY 25 cents into $1
  4. Gaming on Twitch – Get FREE food and Bitcoin

You don’t always need cash to start a ATM Business. What you need is Hustle, good credit, and possibly a good partner. Literally the hardest part of starting an ATM business is finding a bank that will work with you.

While you are working you REGULAR JOB you can learn how to code in your free time and create a generator that will sell in your sleep…

ONCE that generates enough money you can use it to buy a Vending machine for $1,200.

If your personal hobby is gaming on Twitch you can add certain Links so that your fans buy you food, send you bitcoin, instant cash etc. To get the links click HERE.