Is it possible to start an ATM business with no money the answer is YES. To start your ATM business with NO money you will need patience, credit, investors, and possibly a partner.

Keep in mind that Starting an ATM business with no money WILL take longer.

Maybe you no money to start an ATM Business BUT your partner DOES.

How much to start ATM Business ?

It takes $4,000 – $6,000 to get an ATM machine up and running with your OWN cash as a vault.

ATM Machine – $2,455 Tax Included this is what i paid for MINE cash ? with an official check . My sponsor bank / processor answers my phone calls EVERYTIME. Yes there are cheaper options as shown below but will they answer your questions

You can get an ATM for $1,800 NEW on eBay HERE but the company NEVER answers their phone. I know because I tried back when I was desperate and was trying to put this together on my ATM Machine together with no money.

CASH VAULT MONEY – $2,000 – I used a 0% check for 12 months through my credit card / credit line. I MUST PAY THE MONEY BACK within 12 months. They charged me $40 for writing a check to myself for $1,400. READ THE FINE PRINT since EVERY card / bank / CL (credit line) is DIFFERENT.

I plan on paying all of this money back with my surcharge fees. Surcharge is the money you charge for people to take their money. I will be charging $3.50 – $4.00 PER TRANSACTION. My cash limit will be $100. So if they need $400 they will have to pay the surcharge 4 times = $16 to me.

Setting up LLC – $200 – Be sure to set your LLC or S-Corp THROUGH YOUR STATE business website. I wasted TIME and money doing it through a company online. BIG MISTAKE & TIME WASTER. As of now I am STILL WAITING for my Files of Incorporation. If I would of did it through my state I would of had it same day. Don’t be dumb like me.

ATM Business Account – $100 – This is the MOST important part and will be the HARDEST part. You CAN start with a personal bank account THEN switch to business bank account .

Why the ATM business ?

Towards the end of December I got sick with the flu. (I haven’t been sick in years) Even though I owned a few online shops and had a few vending machines. With my online sales I still needed to make sure the items were shipped – And vending requires a lot of energy and effort because I would have to 1. pick up the soda to the location to fill machine 3. then drive home.

Just getting the packages into the mail box took ALL of my energy since I was sick. It was scary going from completely healthy to 0 energy.

More passive income for me was a NECESSITY. I was sick for days and so I would watch every single ATM business video on YouTube.

How I paid for my ATM machine

For Christmas I asked for an ATM machine. I ended up getting $2,000. Christmas is always BIG MONEY when you sell online so I took $295 from my online sales and put it towards the ATM so at least the ATM was paid for CASH?. I wanted an ATM machine by New Year’s so that is why I put up my OWN money.

I could of waited a few months till my birthday OR tax season to get the other $400 but who wants to wait for months ?

Ways to buy a ATM machine with NO money

Bar Mitzvah ✡️ – A LOT of kids in my area have their Bar Mitzvahs on party boats / yachts – be smart and put your cash towards an ATM. It’s the gift that will keep on giving. ?

Christmas Present ? – I got $2,000 this way. I put up the remainder, sold stuff on eBay and Craigslist.

Graduation ?- Ask for an ATM or a $2,000 Money Lei so you can repay your college tuition.

Tax Return Money ? – This is GREAT way to get a HUGE chunk to pay towards your ATM.

Quincinera ? – Attention future Boss ladies. If you are turning 16 ask for an ATM for your Quicinera OR money towards it. Who knows an ATM could help pay for your college tuition. Piénsalo.

Birthday Present ? – Ask for $20 bills for your cashvault.

? STOP spending ? – If it’s not going to make you money within 72 hours DONT BUY IT. ATM machines require cash flow so you don’t want your money locked up in inventory or “stuff”.

Partner – If you DO get a partner make sure they bring something to the table that you don’t. If YOU have the brains make sure THEY bring the money.

HELOC ? – Maybe your mortgage is paid off or you are a about to get a HELOC or a home equity line of credit. If you can you can ask for an extra $2000 so that you can pay for your ATM machine.

Re-Finance ? – maybe your credit score has gone up and you can refinance somethings in your personal financial life so that it will allow for extra money to go towards your ATM machine. It may take a while but it is a smart way to get the money you need to get your ATM business going.

DOWNSIZE – Sometimes you have to go down before you can come up. Maybe you can downsize where you live, your car, your phone etc. eventually you will be making enough surcharge to recoup what you downsized.

Sell your stuff – I had a teak table that I bought as starter furniture 5 years ago. (Teak Wood anything HOLDS its value) I put it on Craigslist and 2 months later it sold for $85. I was SOO happy because that $85 got me closer to my ATM goal.