Towards the end of 2019 I got the flu and was unable to leave home to get food. My Dad recommended Instacart.

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I will only order “safe food” so I opted for a Publix Sub Sandwich. GET $10 OFF INSTACART HERE

I’ve never ordered Uber Eats. ?

To get your Publix sub delivered from Instacart FASTER I recommend calling in your Sub order at your closest Publix over the phone. After they have your order then you can pay for it through Instacart and leave a note for the person. Be sure to mention which Publix that your ordered from and the name you ordered under.


If it has taken over an hour chances are the sub is in the fridge. Be sure to communicate this to your driver so they don’t have to have your sub remade.

I must of ordered 3 subs in 3 days. Thanks to digital technology / Instacart I am back to 100% health. Please share this info with a friend.

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